Webcam Modeling: Lovense Lush Vs Kiiroo Esca2

Whether tip-responsive, controlled by remote, or able to communicate with another device through the internet, interactive toys are essential for successful webcam modeling. Why? Interactive sex toys offer a new level of immersion for your viewers. Why watch you pleasure yourself when they can be involved, be the one giving you pleasure, or—even better—make the pleasure mutual?

So which interactive toys are most reliable, most popular, and (most importantly) give you the best opportunity to make money online while webcam modeling?

Wearable vibes are among the most popular toys used by successful cam models. For cam girls (and even some cam guys) the Lovense Lush has become an industry staple. Its Kiiroo counterpart, the Esca2, while not as prominent in webcam modeling, is on the rise. These compact vibes can be inserted, and each has a small antenna that allows it to remain connected to an app, or to respond to sounds (like the ring of incoming tips).

So which one is best for making money while webcam modeling? Here's how they match up:

Power: Slight edge to the Lush

While the Esca is no slouch, The Lush is slightly smaller than its purple sibling, but the contoured shape and strong motor result in stronger, rumbling vibrations you're sure to enjoy. Power level 1 for each is pretty much identical. But as you cycle through the levels and presets, the Lust wins out her by a nose.

Feel: Esca2

Both the Lush and the Esca2 are made from body-safe matte silicon. But the Esca2 just feels to be made of higher-quality material under your fingertips. The surface has a silkiness to it that feels less rubbery than the Lush, and makes it more comfortable to wear while modeling on cam.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Lush

The silicon material for both the Lush and the Esca2 is incredibly easy to clean. But the Lush is waterproof, while the Esca2's charge port makes it only water resistant.

App Connectivity: Lush

Both toys are fairly easy to pair with their corresponding app. However, with the Lush, the Lovense app automatically detects it, allowing you to connect with just a single tap whereas the Esca2 must be put in Bluetooth mode. While it's ready to pair when you turn the power on, switching between manual and Bluetooth mode requires you to press the power button repeatedly, cycling through the different modes, which makes it a little less convenient to use.

Interactivity: Tie

Both these toys can be tip responsive or can be controlled remotely through an app. Giving away control is seamless, and neither device really outstrips the other in the fun department.

Manual Use: Esca2

In this department, the Esca2 has several clear advantages over its more popular colleague. For manual play (without the app), changing power levels on the Esca2 is much more practical. The power button on the Lush is on the body of the toy, meaning that it will have to be removed and reinserted to change settings manually. Kiiroo wisely placed their power button on the tip of the antenna, so you can simply up the power on the fly in the middle of a session.

In Chatroom Use: Esca2

While the Lush is far more prevalent in the chatroom, the Esca2 has one brilliant feature that can really help you make money while webcam modeling. There is an LED light at the end of the antenna that glows and flashes when the toy is active. This gives your customer a visual queue that lets them know the toy is working, and the effect it has on you is genuine. Making sure your customer is satisfied, and maintaining the fantasy of your interaction, means there's a much higher chance they return for a repeat cam show.


Both toys carry 3 vibration power settings, preset variations that pulse gradually from low to high and both can hold about 90 minutes of charge for continuous use. Both toys are compact, easy to clean, and customers will love the way these little powerhouses drive pleasure through your body, especially because activating these toys is something they can control. They are also priced very comparably. You can't go wrong with either toy, but if interactive shows are how you plan to make money while webcam modeling, the Esca2 might have the edge here. The simple queue of a light confirming to your customers that they're in control will go a long way in maintaining a trusting relationship with the chance for repeat requests for paid interactive cam shows.

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