Paid to Video Chat Dirty

Paid to Video Chat Dirty

When a customer says something like: "Talk dirty for me, baby," do you clam up or stumble over your words? We all have. I've often worried that the first thing to come out of my mouth would be wildly inappropriate or, worse, offensive. But don't worry! This is a common reaction when you're getting paid to video chat. Modeling on cam is a form of public speaking, and public speaking is a deep-set fear present in most people. The good news is: dirty talk is a skill that you can learn. It's an important tool to have when you want to be paid to video chat. You can get better with practice!

  1. Read Erotica
    Could there be a better homework assignment? Reading naughty stories will expand your naughty vocab, and even introduce you to terms you never knew existed! The internet is rife with great sources of free racy material. Here's a few sites to get you started. Alt Sex Stories
  2. Start Simple
    Ease into your mouth work. While you're being paid to video chat, using very basic phrases like "that feels so good" or "I want you inside me" may seem a little blah and unimaginative, but as you get more comfortable with dirty lip service, you'll gradually add more thrilling details.
  3. Ask Questions
    Your customers can inspire you to improve your dirty talk skills by making it a give and take conversation. Ask questions to get the river of sexy ideas flowing. As you're getting paid to video chat, ask "do you like it when I touch myself here?" or "where should I put this toy?" Be creative and have fun.
  4. Avoid Triggers ... Unless
    Some customers will love it when you drop an f-bomb or a c-u-next-Tuesday. Some will call you a slut or a whore or even ask to be called one by you. But others will find this language offensive. If you're flying blind with a new customer, steer clear of demeaning terms … unless they ask for it specifically or use it themselves.
  5. Use Your Past
    Your own fantasies or personal experiences are a great jumping off point for dirty talk. Tell a steamy story from you past. Embellish here and there. This will help you feel more comfortable with improvised dirty talk. Also, customers will love to hear you confess your filthy little secrets.
  6. Be Descriptive
    This comes with time and practice. But if you want to get paid to video chat, try to touch on as many of the 5 senses as possible. Of course, you'll focus on sight and touch, but talking about taste, smells, and sounds can add significant depth to your word pictures.
  7. Watch Other Models
    Check out some of Flirt4Free's top models. See how they seduce customers in open chat, or in a free party chat. If you have the resources, watch some of their Videos on Demand, where you'll see one-on-one performances. Their dirty talk comes easily, because they work at it. Let their experience help you get paid to video chat.

Getting comfortable with dirty talk won't happen overnight. It takes patience, practice, and a willingness to feel a little embarrassed at times. But don't forget, your customer wants to know this side of you, wants to connect with you verbally, as well as physically. You are the object of desire, and even if you flub here and there, you're unlikely to have any reason to feel ashamed of what you say while getting paid to video chat.

Practice will give you confidence, and confidence make your voice a powerful tool to help you make money on cam. For more on your verbal camming skills, check this article on typing versus talking on Guide to Camming.

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