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Whether you're new to modeling on cam or a returning veteran looking to reinvent yourself, your stage name has a direct cause and effect relationship with how memorable fans will find you. The right stage name can draw people into your room with as much regularity as your sexy profile pics or your camming bio. When modeling on cam, you want a name that imbues your persona with a sense of fantasy, implies an insatiable sexuality, and yet is still grounded and believable.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect camming stage name:

Keep it Realistic:

The less your web modeling name sounds like a stage name, the better. For many viewers, visiting models is an immersive experience. They want to see you as a real person, who they can form a real connection with. If the name you choose sounds made-up, it weakens their sense of fantasy and can make you seem inauthentic. For cam guys, first names like Luke, Shane, Mason and Trevor are popular. For cam girls, names like Jess, Eva, and Bella are effective as well. You can use a more unique name when modeling on cam, but the key is that it should still feel and sound natural.

You Need a Last Name:

Your last name should be uncomplicated and fun. Some people use surnames that represent where they're from, or the last name of one of their favorite film or television characters. The name can be suggestive and sexy, (like Fox for example), but many successful models try to keep it simple. Names like Smith, Woods, Evans, Moore, Rush, and Hill may sound boring by themselves, but when combined with the right first name, they can create a combination that feels realistic, sexy, and is easy for fans to remember.

Go Full-on Fetish:

If you plan to do some fetish modeling on cam, you should use names, that let customers know what you're into. If you like to be in charge, names like Master, Boss, Dom, Mistress, or Lady can let users who want to submit to you know they've come to the right place. If big muscles are your thing, Thor, Hulk and Hammer might work for you. The possibilities are endless, but the important thing is that it gives potential viewers an idea of what you're all about.

You Don't Need to Sound Like a Porn Star:

Remember the old trick of making up your porn star name? Combine the name of your first pet with the name of the street you grew up on? This sometimes results in something cute, but also yields silly combinations like Rover Pasadena or Buddy Main. When in doubt, stick to the basics to create something memorable and realistic, and while being sexually suggestive can be effective, cam models with overtly explicit names tend not to stick around long.

See How Top Cam Models Do It

Still need some inspiration? See how the top cam stars do it. Here's a list of Flirt4Free's top 100 cam guys and top 100 cam girls of 2018 who each pull in thousands of dollars. When these models pull in thousands of dollars in tips every month, and know how to make money on cam. How many have 1 name? How many use explicit language in their stage name? Spoiler: Very few and almost none.

Never Use Your Real Name:

This should be a no-brainer, but for the sake of your safety and privacy, never use any part of your real name when modeling on cam. In fact, when customers are really dying to know it, it's a good to have a second stage name in the back of your mind. This way, when you tell them your name is Brad (when it's actually Matthew), the customer still gets to feel closer to you, and you haven't put your safety or privacy at risk. For more on this, check out this thorough privacy, camming safety post.

Still feel lost?

Check out some baby name sites for your modeling on cam name and see what's trending! There are also hundreds of fun websites that can give you a touch of inspiration like this fictional character name generator.

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