Developing Your On-Cam Self

What is Webcam Modeling?

In your private life, you might be refined, shy, or even a loner. But the most successful webcam models have strong on-cam personalities their fans find authentic. While you should never broadcast details of your personal life, it is vital to keep your energy and communication style authentic.

So how do the very best cam girls and cam guys craft an online persona without coming across as fake?

First take some small, tangible steps:

  1. Privacy List: Make a list of the personal information you want to keep private. This should include your real name, nicknames, your off-cam profession, your home city, the school you attend, your family life (especially if you have children), and anything else you'd want to keep to yourself.
  2. Fill in the Blanks: For every item on this list, create a fictional but realistic replacement you can speak of knowledgeably. You should choose an appealing stage name, but also a fake "real name," birthday, hometown and anything that will flesh out your on cam persona without violating your privacy list.
  3. Now Memorize It: As customers get to know you, they will want this information. Having it makes them feel special and enhances the interactive fantasy that is the customer/cam model relationship. Know your cam-model characteristics inside and out. Practice. Make sure these details come out of your mouth naturally, and try not to pause and think before answering.

With this out of the way, you now have to determine who you will be on cam. This is more complicated, and may require some insight and practice.

  1. Be Yourself: The most common advice offered to new cam models is to "be yourself." While that sounds a little vague, it simply means to behave naturally, react naturally, talk to customers about what interests you (sexually or otherwise). However, who you are off cam may not attract customers to your chat room, so you should also:
  2. Be Who You've Always Wanted to Be: Maybe your shy. Many of us are socially awkward. However, living a life on cam allows (and often requires) some reinvention as well. If you are quiet and withdrawn, use the distance offered by the webcam to try on your most outgoing, open and personable self.
  3. Your Fantasies and Turn Ons: While your "job" is to sell the fantasy of an intimate relationship through the medium of camming, your customers offer you an opportunity to explore fantasies and scenarios of your own as well. Playing a role or performing an act you actually enjoy, or are at least curious about, will lend another level of authenticity to your performances and make your time on camera more pleasant and exciting.
  4. Your Look and your Type: When you visit a cam-site, you'll find the models separated into categories based on their look, their fetish and even their ethnicity. Your look will obviously be the first thing a customer sees before visiting you in chat. You should absolutely consider what category you might fit into, what kind of customer you might attract, and what fetishes you're willing to explore. This helps customers know where to look when they want something particular, but it will also filter out customers who want something other than what you're offering.
  5. Your Turn Offs: Part of maintaining an authentic on-cam persona is being upfront with customers when asked to do something you're unwilling or unable to do. Non-judgmental honesty is always the best policy here. Customers who make such requests will know to look elsewhere, and allow you to maintain and control the atmosphere in your chat space.

Some models do elect to play a character on cam that is distinctly different from who they are in real life. While this can be effective, many of us find that attempting to become a whole different person at the flip of a switch can be very taxing mentally, and very difficult to do consistently and for long stretches of time. It is almost always more natural to be the sexiest version of your beautiful self.

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