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Become a Webcam Girl: What to Expect Your First Time

So you've got everything you need to become a webcam girl. A good camera. A clean broadcast space. A solid lighting setup. A hot profile pic. The right undergarments. Even so, it helps to brush on the basics:

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Got all that? Then the stage is set. The curtains are about to rise on your webcam girl career. You reach for the mouse, milliseconds away from your first broadcast. And you freeze...

Don't worry. This is totally normal! There can be a lot of anxiety when you first become a webcam girl. The job makes you the center of attention, and can leave you open to criticism, trolling and rejection. Take a breath, and give yourself a good pep-talk.

It will help to remember the following:

  1. The information you've given your broadcasting site is confidential. The customers you interact with in your room will exist only in this bubble.
  2. This confidentiality is actually very freeing. Your chatroom is a place where you can be free to explore your sexual side without judgement. Of course, when you become a webcam girl, there are privacy and security steps to take to help you feel even more secure.

On the very rare occasion when a customer does or says something that makes you uncomfortable, you'll have the ability to block or ban them from your room.

The fact that you've become a webcam girl doesn't mean you're obligated to do something on cam you don't feel ready for. You can say no to any request.

The minutes leading to your first broadcast are exciting and scary. Keep in mind that once they began their webcam girl careers, nearly every model says that performing has given them a huge boost to their confidence. Stick with it, and you'll be laughing about this moment in a few weeks.

OK. You're over the hump. The world can see your beautiful self on cam. Now, the money should be rolling in, right? Well, maybe. Your goal in every broadcast is to inspire customers to tip you, or pay you for a private show or group show. But this may not happen the moment you become a webcam girl.

More than any other form of adult entertainment, camming is an interactive, relationship-based experience. For this reason, overnight success is very rare. You may have your first private within minutes of logging on. But it's more likely to come later: in your second or third session. When it happens, here are some tips to make sure you're ready:

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In the meantime:

  • Focus on getting to know your viewers, getting a feel for open chat, and creating a comfortable, welcoming environment.
  • Smile. Greet everyone and open yourself to conversation. Conversation is the seed for your future relationships with customers.
  • Be flirtatious. Tease and maybe flash a little, but don't give away too much. Entice them with the promise of more.
  • Do NOT ask for tips outright. Webcam models are offering the fantasy of an intimate relationship. Getting too financial will spoil this.
  • Have fun. Be the most energetic version of yourself. When customers feel like they're getting to know the real, authentic you, the tips will follow.

It's over. You've logged off for the day. Did becoming a webcam girl make you any money? Maybe. Maybe not. Don't get discouraged. It takes time, dedication and patience to master webcam modeling. Think about what you've learned today. What worked for you and what didn't?

Do a little homework. Review some of your site's training materials. Bring this knowledge into your second broadcast and remember: with the right amount of consistency and commitment, your webcam girl business and your webcam girl confidence will grow with every session.

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