Basics of Camming

Make Money on Cam: The Basics of Camming

Let’s keep this simple. You’ve made up your mind. You’re ready to begin your new life as a live cam model. Here’s a handy checklist so you can make sure you have everything you need to make money on cam as a webcam model.

Quality Internet Connection (ISP)

Fiber Optic DSL is probably the pinnacle. Why? Because you can broadcast with matching upload/download speeds and the lines are dedicated, so they’re not shared with neighbors. The only drawback is that Fiber is not available in all areas! If that’s the case, go with Cable Broadband at the highest speed within your budget. A fast, reliable connection means high-quality live cam broadcasts. Why would a customer stay in your chatroom if the connection speed fluctuates and your video stream pixelates? Answer: they probably won’t - and so you won’t make money on cam.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of available ISPs.

Pro-Tip: While Wi-Fi is convenient for moving around your broadcast space, a hard-wired connection is much more consistent, and less prone to interruption

A Solid Computer

The choice between laptop, desktop, Mac or PC is entirely up to you. Laptops allow you more mobility. Desktops are usually more affordable. But whatever you choose, here are some key traits you want in your webcamming computer:

  • A minimum of 8GB of Ram for smoother multi-tasking (like broadcasting while streaming music)
  • 1 TB hard drive to store your video captures, especially if you plan on selling your recorded content
  • Intel Core i7 or equivalent processor is essential when streaming on cam

A Good Webcam

A no-brainer! These days, good HD webcams are so affordable, there’s no real excuse to have anything less. Logitech has been the go-to brand for many successful models who want to make money on cam. Their C920 and C270 models are a great starting point for any new webcam model.

Warm Lighting

You won’t draw customers into your room if your face is covered in shadows! A minimum of 2 lights—one in front and one behind you—should lift the darkness away. But for the best results, most successful models swear by the 3-point setup. Here’s a great cam lighting tutorial.

Sex Toys Ad Infinitum

Sex toys are in high demand with customers, and have become essential for modeling success. When things get hot in a private show, they help add to the fantasy of a real-life encounter. They can also make you feel really good, which will help you enjoy making money on cam even more!

Pro tip: Cheap toys are porous, need deeper cleaning, and have to be replaced often. Save money in the long run by investing in high-quality toys.

Want to learn about the new revolution in interactive sex toys? Click here.

Sexy Apparel

For female models, a solid lingerie collection can be a huge boon. Male Models can keep it simpler on the underwear front, though snug boxer briefs, a revealing thong, or a jock strap are all very popular with live cam fans. All live cam models can benefit from having a well-stocked array of costumes for role play! Naughty nurse or sexy schoolgirl skirts can help female models set the mood for viewers interested in some teacher/student or nurse/patient roleplay. While guys could don a hot cop uniform, sports wear, or a business suit for some good cop/bad cop, coach/athlete, or boss/employee role play games. Almost any costume you can imagine can appeal to a wide array of customers and will help you make money on cam. Have them handy, and let your customers know what kinds of cosplay or roleplay you most enjoy!

Once you’ve got your list checked off, it’s time to get on cam and start entertaining! The road to webcam modeling stardom is long and requires patience. However, you have it in your power to remove several obstacles from the get-go.

Check off all the items on this list and you’ll be well on your way to making money on cam.

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